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Your business will benefit from properly executed services. Assist us in better understanding you and your business needs so that we can better serve you.

Video Production

We want to share the narrative behind your brand with the rest of the world. We produce commercial video pieces from start to finish, storyboarded to highlight your company's strengths and culture, and professionally edited to fit on your website and social media platforms.


Any commercial, lifestyle, or documentary photography your company requires, we will be there to capture it all.

Blog/Editorial Content

Maintaining fresh content on your website is crucial to your company's relevance. We develop your company as a trustworthy media resource in the online world by publishing industry-specific blogs and news stories. This attracts new visitors to your website regularly and encourages them to return for updates as each article is released.

Graphic Design

Your company's name should be associated with an appealing and distinctive identity. We go beyond your logo, creating animations, business cards, and online adverts that are always consistent with your brand's identity.

Web Development

Our custom websites are straightforward, modern, and conversion-focused, consistently directing consumers to take action.

Web Care Plans & SEO

Updates, management, and expansion are all part of our overall management strategy... All of this is done to ensure compatibility.

How do you manage a good, pretty new website with a great logo and premium blog content? The good news is that Fmk Marketing & PR Agency will take care of your website. Fmk makes it simple for you to focus on your business rather than learning how to code, from regular updates to adding or modifying content or designs on a single page.

Depending on the plan you select, our team will arrange frequent maintenance. Depending on the complexity of your website and the amount of day-to-day care it takes, we can update, backup, and upgrade it on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Even if you have the best website in the world, what good is it if no one visits it? Well…nothing. Mostly, there is less business and fewer leads. Our SEO services ensure that you can be found online. Fmk Marketing & PR Agency helps you extend your digital reach by helping you show up properly in search engines and producing quality leads for your business. This service includes a monthly or quarterly report that compares progress to previous periods. Depending on the level of reach you want to accomplish, we have a variety of options.